Minors are free to visit.
Rainbow Science Park:RMB 10
Permanent Exhibition Hall:RMB 20
4D Cinema:RMB 10
Arc Screen Cinema:RMB 20
Full Dome Cinema:RMB 20
Group(>10 person) ticket:20% discount
Opening time:
Wednesday-Sunday 9:00-16:30

Time:10:50 15:10
Time:11:10 15:30
Time:10:30 13:40 15:00

Traffic Information

Bus Line: K87
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  Linyi Science & Technology Museum is located at the junction of three rivers: Yihe River, Benghe River and Liuqing River on landscape river at the south part of the axis of Beicheng New Area. It is a palace of science built for the people of the entire city by Linyi Municipal Committee of the CPC and Linyi Municipal Government; a project that contributes to contemporary times and brings benefits to future centuries and one of the landmark science and culture projects of this city. The first phase project was completed and opened to the public on June 1, 2010 and the second phase project on October 1, 2013.

The museum’s building area is ??27,000 square meters. It covers an area of about 60 mu. It comprises 7 exhibition areas including a permanent exhibition hall, a children's science park, a special exhibition hall, an astronomy exhibition hall, a science and technology exhibition hall, a brain science exhibition and training hall and an astronomical observatory. It houses more than 300 exhibits and items covering a variety of disciplines such as mathematics, physics, astronomy, information science, life science and many more.  ...Details

Exibition Hall

Exibition Items

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